Ultimate Survival Tool

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The SPARtool features a 6"x 8" shovel head with integrated chopping edge, saw blade, and bottle opener. The 1075 carbon steel and Zytel handle is topped with a flat pry bar, hammer, and pick that doubles as a handle for digging and sawing. the total tool length is 22", and the weight is 2 lbs 13 oz.

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Spring tempered carbon steel provides a hard yet flexible cutting edge. The face is gently curved to increase the angle of repose of loose soil or sand, and gather more in each scoop. Our shovel provides the foundation for other tools and is an efficient digging machine.


One side of the shovel head is ground scary sharp giving a generous 8-inch cutting surface. When used against small branches the thin edge acts like a machete, passing through with minimal resistance. When employed to split logs, the curvature of the shovel head acts like an ax, forcing the wood apart cleanly. The edge of the shovel is carefully aligned parallel along the center of the handle, creating the most direct transmission of force and reducing the chance for dangerous glancing blows.


Our aggressive saw teeth are sharp and widely offset to clear material quickly, with an innovative progressive rake angle to make starting cuts easier. Once again the saw edge is parallel to the handle to allow pure single axis motion.

Bottle Opener

Open your favorite beverage with the bottle opener nestled behind the head of the hammer


The 4 inch pick spike can break hard earth and rocks, forcefully open padlocks, and might save your life if the zombies ever decide to rise.


Our 1½" hammer head provides a large and forgiving striking surface; while its 1/4" thick plate 4140 steel construction makes damaging it a near impossibility.


he SPARtool handle ends in a full size flat pry bar. Useful for prying open doors or crates and also pulling nails, splitting wood, chiseling, and other demolition tasks.


SPARtool's handle is designed for strength and comfort. The backbone of the tool is a .20" thick carbon steel bar, forged half round (think of a tape measure vs a floppy metal ribbon of the same thickness) to fit in your hand. Inside the half round's curvature is a shatterproof Zytel polymer insert, which provides stiffness in the secondary direction and is textured to give a secure grip.


The SPARtool modular sheath is built from 1050 denier ballistic nylon with belt loop and provides protection for all tool cutting edges.


2 lbs 13 oz


22 inches


  • 1075 Carbon Steel
  • 4140 Carbon Steel
  • Zytel
  • Ballistic Nylon